What is MyownDB?

Myowndb is a web application with the goal to let you manage your data easily. You can view it as a database with which you get an interface to enter, modify, delete and search data once you've define its structure.

What are the advantages?

MyOwnDB has several advantages compared to usual applications:

  • web-based: this means that your data is accessible from anywhere: your work, your home, your hotel. Further development of the application will also let you share your data easily.
  • multi-user: you can manage users having access to the application. And no need to have them present in the next cubicle: just enter their email address and they'll get instructions sent to them!
  • easy to configure: All you need is a browser to take advantage of the application as a user (manipulating the data) or as an administrator (defining the structure of the data).
  • easy to use: the application has been developed to make entering, searching and organising data easy. Getting to the functionality you need shouldn't take more than 2 clicks!
  • multi-lingual: not everybody speak english, and the application's interface is multi-lingual, with french and english currently available. data definitions (table names, field names,...) will soon also be definable in multiple languages.
  • integrated help: Helping text is integrated in the interface to help you master the tool rapidly. Once the help becomes unnecessary, you can deactivated it in your settings.