Fault tolerant loading remote javascript with YUI

The registration form of the MyOwnDB app was simplified this week, but an information I wanted to keep is the country where registered people are located, notably to know which translation of the UI to provide next (currently, it looks like it will be spanish).

I decided to use the Geoplugin.com service, but it appears it's unreachable at this time, making for a less than engaging experience when loading the sign-up page.

Upgrade to YUI3.1

I just deployed a new version of the application, based on YUI3.1 that was released this week.

Although no change should be visible at this time, YUI 3.1 will help bring the public entry forms to the next stage. Watch this space for updates!

Layout based on YUI Grids bring better browser support

A new version of the application has just now been deployed, which brings the page layout managed with YUI Grids. This should correct some problems with IE rendering. Let me know if you encounter any trouble, eg by filling the form below. I have notifications enabled on the form, so you should get fast response.
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