Notifications are here!

feature news

It is now possible to get a notification when an entry is created in MyOwnDB. This is especially interesting when you publish a form on your website, as you don’t need to go check yourself if a new entry was created.

Currently notifications are only sent by mail, and for instance creations. But the code is built with the purpose of enabling other notifications in the future. If you think of a circumstance in which you would like to get a notification from the MyOwnDB app, don’t hesitate to share it via the contact page. I’ll get notified if you submit the form ;-)

Currently notifications are only sent in english, but they will soon follow your language choice as done in the web app.

To start getting notifications, go the instance list page, and click the Manage notifications button: notification screenshot

This will display a form where you select which notifications you want to get and via which channel (currently only instance creation and by email). Submitting the form will subscribe you to the notifications.